Gina Willner-Pardo

Prettiest Doll, Clarion Books, 2012

The Hard Kind of Promise, Clarion Books, 2010

My Mother and Other Mysteries of the Universe, Clarion Books, 2004

Spider Storch, Rotten Runner, Albert Whitman & Company, 2001

Spider Storch’s Desperate Deal, Albert Whitman & Company, 1999

Figuring Out Frances, Clarion Books, 1999

Jumping Into Nothing, Clarion Books, 1999

Spider Storch’s Fumbled Field Trip, Albert Whitman & Company, 1998

Spider Storch’s Music Mess, Albert Whitman & Company, 1998

Spider Storch’s Teacher Torture, Albert Whitman & Company, 1997

Spider Storch’s Carpool Catastrophe, Albert Whitman & Company, 1997

Daphne Eloise Slater, Who’s Tall for Her Age, Clarion Books, 1997

Hunting Grandma’s Treasures, Clarion Books, 1996

Jason and the Losers, Clarion Books, 1996

When Jane-Marie Told My Secret, Clarion Books, 1995

What I’ll Remember When I Am a Grownup, Clarion Books, 1994

Natalie Spitzer’s Turtles, Albert Whitman & Company, 1992




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